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      Don Schaeffer


      And what is your address?
      Exactly? I am in an I.
      A bubble in a time that has
      no number. You understand.
      I am in creaturehood,
      realm of the possible,
      wrapped in flesh with an outside and an in.
      I’m writing this down.
      I am in the needing of light
      with ups and downs
      stretched in myself
      and the state of flowing.
      Yes, I noticed. You have that accent.
      Well there is a planet
      do you have a name for it on your grid?
      It’s not heaven.
      Yes. And what is your state of size.
      I am in the state of weight-fulness
      solidity, not floating.
      Multi-moleculed and a hollow city.
      I am large enough to stay anchored.
      I cling to an orbit. I’m in motion
      all the time, around an X, Y, Z, but that is all.
      I’m in the state of you and me
      mostly not alone. A structured memory
      and a district of models and designs.
      Oh that kind!
      If you want, I can provide the numbers and names.
      Not necessary. That’s just a detail.
      I am in a classified district and a body in a building in a room
      and laying in a bed that was granted me. I barley know how.
      Ok. I can find you.

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