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      Don Schaeffer

      You are not
      going to live forever,
      my dear. Your mothers couch
      dooes not need to be restored.
      Cast it out! The basement
      full of undoable projects
      is your mind. The things
      you tell me are your
      sickness are part of your charm.
      You riff. You play pretty melodies
      of fears and jokes. We can
      twist over each other for
      hours on the phone when you
      tell the story of your misery
      and we are counterpoint.

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      Don Schaeffer

      A Little White Blossom
      New YouTube Video

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      Don Schaeffer

      Abstract Real Real Abstract

      You are a place, Hanna,
      like a mountain,
      recognizable, with a name,
      on a map. You are
      above the clouds.
      Life is spent in your
      dark crevices. Villages
      cluster on your slopes.
      The world of cities
      celebrates you, the world

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