Submission Guidelines

General (applies to all submissions)

  • Unless otherwise indicated, no previously published works will be accepted.
    • Should they be accepted (special consideration), then written confirmation that the author has the copyright of the work being submitted is required.
  • At end of submission you must put 5 stars * * * * * or The End including between poems unless the poems are part of a series.
  • Submitters must be current member in good standing.
      • A current biography (100-150 words maximum) that can be printed in Voices must accompany all submissions or groups of submissions as a separate attachment.
      • Biography and submissions must have separate attachments and must have writer’s name in the attachment or they will not be accepted
        • If you are happy with your biography in the immediate previous edition of Voices, you just need to say that you wish to keep the current biography.
  • Submissions which do not follow these guidelines will be rejected or sent back for corrections.
  • Submissions in languages other than English will not be considered.
  • All submissions will be included in an electronic version of the Voices Journal unless an opt-out form is submitted to the LWWG for the piece in question.
  • Submissions must be received prior to 12 midnight of the deadline.
    • For physical submissions post mark must be prior to deadline. If possible, please mail early to allow for postage and manual retyping of submission to occur.

Submission Deadlines:
* These early dates ensure ample time for proper marketing of Voices.

Spring Issue – January 31
Fall Issue –  July 31

  • The Editor’s decision is final.
  • Only items accepted for publication will be edited.


Cover Pictures

  • Must be 600 dpi or higher
  • Must have vivid colours, be attention grabbing and clearly focused.
  • Must include enough clear space for the title and issue numbers to show clearly.

Click here to see more examples.

Written Material

  • Times Roman or New Times font only
  • 12 point font size only
  • Document submitted must be in .doc format
  • First page must have Title by Author
    • Name, membership type, and contact information, including email, phone number, and mailing address on first page left hand side.
    • Word Count on first page right hand side
  • Must not include Headers or Footers
  • Title should start halfway down first page, with “by” and author’s name or pseudonym, both should be centred
  • Spacing should not be done manually (spaces or tabs).


* This includes stories, creative non-fiction, parts of serials, essays, letters or memoirs

  • First paragraph is not indented. All other paragraphs are indented.
  • Double spaced with one inch margins
  • Do not manually put in page breaks
  • Use Italics, do not underline
  • The em-dash (long dash) ‘—‘ represents a cut, no spaces on either side and in dialogue it occurs inside quotation marks
  • Ellipses have one space at end, i.e. “… the flowers… Then John …” Marion looked away. (In dialogue ellipses indicate a fading away and in example, they indicate that more came before, more space.)
  • All punctuation marks in dialogue occur inside quotation marks.
  • Maximum two pieces of 6000 words each per author (regardless of pen-name)
    • Longer submissions may be accepted at the editors discretion.
  • Permission must be granted by the editor in advance for serial pieces.
    • After the first segment, all subsequent parts of the serial must be accompanied by a brief synopsis.


  • Title should be centred using the Centre feature followed “by author’s name.”
  • published page size is 5 by 8 inches and all poems will be adjusted accordingly
  • please set up poetry the way you would like it to look with spacing between verses, it will be adapted to fit the 5 by 8 inch page
  • may be single spaced
  • If the poems are a series, please indicate this and indicate what order you wish them to be published.
  • Maximum four poems for any given issue.
    • The editor has the right to include an extra poem if it is part of a linked series. Please obtain permission first.

Pictures & Artwork

  • Indicate if they are for your entry or for consideration for the cover or for the interior.
    • Label as either “cover art” or “interior”. Label must also include name of sender and name of artist/photographer if different from sender.
  • All photographs for interior must be 400 dpi or higher
  • For interior, black and white only accepted.
    • Note: interior colour pictures submitted will be converted to black and white. Should too much detail be lost, they may be removed with or without notification of the photographer.
  • All pictures of identifiable persons must include written permission of that person to use that photo in publication with submission of photo.
  • Pictures may be submitted by both members and non-members (the latter only for photographs
  • Please label whether submission is for this present issue or for any issue or if it maybe be used by BK Publishing for consideration when printing other books.
  • Nude photos of children will not be considered and may result in legal action.
  • Clear instructions must accompany each picture.
  • Use JPEG or img formats

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For further assistance please email [email protected] or contact our social media pages.

Downloadable PDF: LWWG Submission Guidelines 2020

Revised and approved at previous Executive Meeting: December 10, 2018